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  2. The National 校友 Board of Lake Erie College Announces Recipients of the 2023 Distinguished 校友 Awards

The National 校友 Board of Lake Erie College Announces Recipients of the 2023 Distinguished 校友 Awards Awards will be presented on 9月29日 The National 校友 Board of Lake Erie College recently announced the recipients of its 2023 校友 Awards. The 2023 awards will be given in a ceremony as part of 校友 Weekend on Friday, 9月29日, during the All 校友 Cocktail Party at the Victor Manor House. Advance reservations are requested. The Distinguished 校友 Award is given annually to graduates of the college who have given selflessly of themselves for the good of the college and/or distinguished themselves in their profession or community. JD英格尔斯, ‘12, MBA的13, president of the National 校友 Board, reflected on the Distinguished 校友 Award itself. “Each year, I find great enjoyment learning about the many successes of our alumni. The vast array of these accomplishments is extraordinary. These awards give us the opportunity not only to recognize the individual but to showcase particular strengths of the College’s that I believe are often overlooked. Although a small college, we offer an endless number of opportunities and these success stories prove it.” “This year’s award winners are a perfect example,” Ingalls continued. 一方面, you have an extremely accomplished professional photographer whose work has been showcased in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. 另一方面, you have a young doctor specializing in pediatric cardiology at one of the most respected pediatric hospital systems in 俄亥俄州.”

The Distinguished 校友 Award Ms. Anastasia “Stacy” Pantsios, ’68 Stacy is considered one of the most renowned photographers of rock n’ roll musicians of her time. Over the last 40 years, her work has appeared in publications including Rolling Stone, 自旋, The Village Voice, 《英国365网站》, 奶油, 和Hit Parade. Stacy was honored with her own show at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. As of 2019, she is a staff writer/photographer for Cleveland Scene. Get a glimpse into Stacy’s storied career as a photographer.

The Young 校友 Award Dr. Gabriel “Gabby” Frato Bahrami, ’13 Following her graduation from Lake Erie College, Dr. Bahrami attended 俄亥俄州 University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Bahrami completed her residency at University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and has begun a fellowship to specialize in pediatric cardiology. Rainbow BC has consistently ranked among the top children’s hospitals in the nation and is a nationally recognized leader in medical research and education. While at Lake Erie College, Dr. Bahrami was also a member of the Lake Erie College equestrian team. 365网站 the Debra Blanchard Remington ‘74 Service Award “The Remington award was established in 2022 not only to recognize Deb Remington, one of Lake Erie’s all-time great leaders, but to also be given to an alum that consistently goes above and beyond to help and improve the state of Lake Erie College. Many have probably met or seen Margy Ladd helping at or attending our events, but it is behind the scenes where Margy separates herself as one of the biggest ambassadors and supporters of the college. It is without a doubt Margy’s involvement that helps put Lake Erie in a better place.” [JD英格尔斯, NAB president]. Ms. Margy Pfeifer Ladd, ‘74 Margy is a devoted alumna of Lake Erie College and works tirelessly to advance its best interests. She has served in formal roles as a member of various committees focused on both fundraising and friend raising. She is active behind the scenes on improvements to the campus, the latest involving daffodils and golden mums. Her eyes are attentive to possibilities and how to involve and encourage donations, 出席, 友谊, and respect for college traditions. She is a proud ambassador for the good work of many departments.